Software Developer at Aterlo Networks

Why Aterlo Networks?

- We're still small so you can have a big impact on the architecture and future.

- We aggressively adopt new technologies and techniques. Some technologies you'll interact with include: Kubernetes (micro-services), BigQuery, Dataflow, CloudML, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Go, Python, gRPC, React JS, continuous delivery, Linux and eBPF.

- Work in the Accelerator Center with many other start-ups. We think you'll like us but if you don't, you'll meet other companies you could join.

- Team lunch every Monday - new selection every week.

The Role

As a software developer at Aterlo Networks you will be part of a team that is changing how our customers monitor and manage their networks. Our platform includes a real time, network inline component, offline metric gathering and cloud based big data architecture that processes billions of metrics per day. Few companies can expose you to both sides of that equation!

What Will You Do?

- Your primary focus will be software development but you will also be involved in the operational aspects of running the services you develop.

- Code and architectural reviews, requirements, design.

- Work with the rest of the team to plan and execute on longer term architectural changes.

- Gain a deeper understanding of how the Internet and ISP networks work.

- Be a leader.

What Are We Looking For?

- Someone who takes pride in robust, operational code (testing, metrics, etc).

- An interest in networking that will motivate you to expand your boundaries and solve big networking problems.

- Experience with Python and Go.

- Experience or interest in large distributed systems.

- Bonus points: experience with machine learning and other big data architectures.

- Get it done attitude.